Vincent and Mary get featured status for several reasons which include, but are not limited to, post-ceremony pretzels and bourbon in a cemetery, a maid of honor toast that was rapped as opposed to tearfully spoken, a raging dance party (which we will happily take a little credit for), and an awe-inspiring sparkler send off in the cool Perkasie night air. 

The Lake House Inn is one of our favorite venues in the area with its grand stonework, lush lawn, and incredible view. The dudes and ladies all got ready at this amazing estate, playing pool and having impromptu pillow fights. (We'll let you decide who was doing what.)

The ceremony was held at St. John the Baptist Old Church, a beautiful and quaintly rustic location, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but just a few miles from the venue. As the couple left the church to take some photos touring the local covered bridges, they encountered some ponies walking down the street. (You can't tell from this picture, but Jason was smiling ear to ear whilst standing next to this little guy.) 


Jon and Jason followed Vincent and Mary for an intimate stroll around the lake about an hour or so before sunset. They made out a little -- which is our favorite kind of moment to capture. 

Tom took the lead on the music. The party was pretty ridiculous right out of the gate. This was an awesome group that was happy to admit their guilty pleasures which ranged from old school hip-hop to 80s to N'Sync. But if there was a singular moment that was to be called out, it had to be the finale sing-along to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Picture 200 people on a dance floor screaming louder than the music and vibrating the entire venue. We always say it's best to go out big and this could not have been any bigger. 

As we got outside, there was something divine about the contrast between the fervor of the dance party and the quiet, winded murmurs from the guests as everyone prepared to send Vincent and Mary off with a little fiery fanfare. Jon had the drone up in the air, silently chasing the newlyweds from 30 feet above as they ran through a sparking sea of their closest friends and families. Moments like this are what weddings should be about. 

Venue: Lake House Inn // Film & Music: Lovesick // Catering & Florals: Jeffrey A. Miller Catering // Notable Song Moments: "Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson, "Ignition" - R. Kelly, "Fantasy" - Mariah Carey f/ Ol' Dirty Bastard, "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen. 

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